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Tagging trades

Tagging can be used in addition to strategies. Where some users have the same strategy running in parallel tagging can be used to help distinguish between separate trades.

Head to the trades page
Click ‘Columns’

Enable ‘Tags’

Tags will now appear on the trades page. You may need to scroll the page to the right. On each column header there is a ‘grabber’ (the 6 white dots), you can click and drag this to the left to move the column across the page.

Typing into the box and pressing return on your keyboard (enter) will create a new tag. You can remove a tag by clicking on the ‘x’

On the dashboard you can click on ‘filter’ and select the tag you want to filter all widgets by.

Head to the insights button

Enable “Tag Performance Table” and click save

On your dashboard you’ll now see the table

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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