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Add your own custom strategy

If you're using file upload or import, scroll down.

If you're using manual entry go to the add trade page:

Scroll down to strategy:

Type in your new strategy and click on the 'Click here to add X' box.

Click save.

File upload

Find a trade leg and right click it, click edit trade

Scroll down to strategy and type in your new strategy and click on 'Click here to X', click save at the bottom of the page

Refresh your screen and now you'll be able to select your new strategy from the dropdown:

You can now type to search for your new strategy

Beta site

Add a strategy from the trades table

Click the drop down, type a new strategy and click 'add new'

Update a strategy

Click the drop down and select the new strategy

Drag and drop that leg onto another leg

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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