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Overlapping Trades

What is this?

When you upload your trades the broker doesn't always provide a lot of information. This means that some trades can appear as duplicate to Option Trackers systems. To avoid errors we remove these from the upload. This is usually OK for smaller accounts but can cause issues where there are actually multiple trades with the exact same execution price, time, strike etc. This becomes an issue when processing multiple closing positions on a larger opening position. I.e. You opened 3 contracts, then subsequently sold one by one.

Toggling on the upload checkbox will change how we process your trades to allow similar looking trades through while maintaining the quality of our checks.

Your choices:

Leave the toggle off
- Upload and see if your trades appear correct and the P&L looks correct.
- You can continue to upload spreadsheets without having to worry about what date it was cut from.

i.e. Upload file with trades dates from:
- 1st May -> 30th May
- 15th May -> 15th June

Turn the toggle on
- We will allow multiple trades through, correcting your P&L
- The downside is that from now on your must upload trades from that date onwards. I.e. the day after the last trade in the system. For instance if you upload on May 1st. Your next upload cannot contain any trades from prior to May 2nd.

I.e. upload file with trade dates from:
- 1st May - 5th May
- 6th May - 10th May
- 11th May - 15th May

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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